Cruises | Adamas-Kleftiko Semi-Private Half Day Cruise

Speedy and compact tour

See and explore all the top highlights of Milos faster, with more quality time in the stops.

Hands-on experience

Explore the underwater beauty of hidden locations in Western Milos with a guided-snorkelling tour from experienced divers


Learn all the interesting aspects about Milos and enjoy freshly prepared snacks and beverages at every stop.

Make memories

Get a set of underwater GoPro and drone images/videos of your tour without extra charge.

Main cruise

West Milos cruise (morning 08:30, afternoon 14:30): Adamas–Kleftiko-Sykia Cave*-West Milos Snorkeling stop-Kalogries–Cape Vani**-Arkoudes**-Klima**

In this half day trip, Volcano takes off at 08:30 (or 14:30) from the port of Adamas. While cruising through the gulf of Milos, you will learn about the history, geology, and culture of Milos from the guide. Approximately 30 minutes from departure, you will be reaching Kleftiko bay, a complex of volcanic rocks formed about 3 million years ago, during the emergence of Milos from the Aegean Sea. The eye-catching formations and the numerous sea caves in the area, carved by the erosional power of the waves and the winds, were utilized by the pirates as a boat hideout in Medieval times. After a slow speed overview of the bay, you will have an hour to enjoy the crystal-clear water and taste a homemade snack. Just 10 minutes after your departure for Kleftiko, you will have the chance to admire and depict the spectacular geologic formations outside and inside the open-roof cave of Sykia. Since the time of some exploration is approaching, the crew is going to organize a guided snorkeling activity at our next stop, located on one of the hardly accessible beaches of the west side of Milos. This is also nice opportunity for underwater photo shooting from our guides, so be sure that you won’t miss it! Kalogries bay will be the last swimming stop of the cruise. A contrasting scenery with greenish rocks and almost transparent shallow waters will mesmerize you for the next hour, while enjoying swimming and relaxing moments.  Returning to the gulf of Milos, the boat will speed down in front of several spots in the bay of Milos like Cape Vani and Arkoudes (the bear-shaped rocks), as well in the picturesque fishermen-village of Klima, allowing you to get panoramic views and photographs of spectacular rock-formations and traditional Cycladic architecture. Leaving you full of memories and impressions about the dazzling natural beauty of Milos Island, your cruise will return to Adamas port at around 13:30 (or 19:30).

*Photography stops

** Photography pass-by

Any individual cruise may be rescheduled, depending on the weather forecast and safety reasons at the discretion of the captain. In case of prevailing strong northern winds, the West Milos cruise will be rescheduled along the protected south coast of Milos, according to the following itinerary:

South Milos cruise (day 08:30, afternoon14:30): Paleochori - Gerakas - Kleftiko - ***Sykia Cave – Tsigrado- Cape-Spathi.

In this half day trip Volcano takes off at 8:30 (or 14:30) from the beach of Paleochori in the southern coast of Milos. You will meet the crew in front Sirocco restaurant, and you will be transferred onboard. While in Paleochori, you will notice the vivid colorations of the rocks and the bizarre smell of sulfur, resulting from the numerous active hot springs, submerged in the bay.

Approximately 10 minutes after the departure, you will be passing by Cape Kalamos, arriving at your first swimming stop on the beach of Gerakas. Located where the slopes of Milos’ youngest volcano meet the sea, Gerakas comprises a contrasting scenery with whitish pumice-sand and turquoise water. You will have an hour to enjoy the sea and explore the beach, which is accessible only by boat. If you are curious enough, you can search for emerging hot springs on the right side of the beach! When you return to the boat, you will taste a homemade breakfast, and the cruise will continue along the south coast.

About 25 minutes later, the engines will stop at your main destination; Kleftiko bay. There you will enjoy a low-speed overview of the majestic volcanic formations and you will learn interesting facts about the pirate legacy of Milos, before anchoring in the bay for a 1-hour swimming stop. It’s suggested to grab the chance for some underwater explorations and photographs by taking part in the guided snorkeling activity. A platter with fresh fruit will be waiting to rejuvenate you at the moment you get back on board. Leaving behind the stunning landscape of Kleftiko the boat will cruise along the south on the way to Tsigrado. This small, artificial beach is well known for being hardly accessible from the land, but it’s easy and safe to access it with the boat. You will again have about an hour of swimming, before tasting traditional, local snacks and cold refreshments. Tsigrado is a marvelous place for photo shooting, so be sure to take a nice pose and our drone will do the rest.

On our way back, just before preparing for the end of the tour we will have a shorter swimming stop in Cape Spathi.  There you will admire the wild beauty of the east part of Milos and enjoy a sandy beach with colorful pebbles formed by the erosion of 50-million-year-old metamorphic rocks. Leaving you full of memories about the natural beauty of Milos, your cruise will come to an end at around 13:30 (or 19:30), returning to Paleochori.

***Upon the end of our stop in Kleftiko, the captain will decide if the boat will visit Sykia cave, evaluating the weather conditions in real time and always prioritizing your safety.

  • Snorkeling gear (sanitised masks, snorkels, flippers)
  • Vegetarian freshly-prepared snacks
  • Open bar (water, refreshments, beer)
  • Drone and underwater GoPro photos and videos of your tour
  • A 15m long, spacious speedboat with shaded parts on the deck and the stern.
  • Rest room on-board.
  • Available swimming vests and windbreaker jackets.
  • For any food intolerance, sensitivities and allergies you can contact us beforehand.
  • Passengers are advised to bring swimwear, towels, sunscreen.